12 Must Follow Skin Rules


Hello beauties,

As a personal beauty expert I’m here to help you with your skin issues but before that let me introduce to you 12 must follow skin rule. If you’re someone who is trying hard to take good care of your skin these rules are definitely to help guide you.

Let’s Begin!


1. Say final good bye to smoking.
2. Always wear SPF every single day, without exception.
3. Never go for any product unless you’ve analyzed your skin or skin type by your self or by any beauty experts, Buy products specifically for your; A. Skin type B. Skin conditions

4. Always feed your skin with Anti-oxidants, Good Fats, and Proteins and 2 liters of water.
5. Always sleep more than 7 hours per night.
6. Always undertake your skin regime twice daily.
7. Never consume more than 220 mg of Caffeine per day.
8. Remove your makeup before going to bed, make it compulsory.
9. Throw your face wipes away.
10. Never over squeeze, pick, or scratch the skin.
11. Never use body wash or soap in the shower to cleanse the face.
12. Never use very hot water on the face (this is for all those in the shower face washers)


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