Yarn Balls.

Yarn balls or string balls, they’ve become home decor essentials since forever. They are available here there everywhere, from your side table to wall hanging you can see them all around. They are just simple and beautiful. But if you’re willing to go and buy them from any shop, it can cost you pretty much depending on piece you’re about to buy. Well! here is a deal, what about making them by yourself in just few bucks? Here are the instructions to make these simplest but ridiculously trendy yarn balls.

Are you Ready?

Things You Need:


  • Some Yarn Balls
  • White Glue
  • Balloons
  • Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline Original
  • Bowl
  • Scissors

What to do:

  1. Blow your balloons to the size you like your balls to be.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly on balloon (a very thin layer).
  3. Take some glue in a bowl.
  4. Dip yarn in it.
  5. Hold edge of the string between your fingers, stick it to the top of balloon and start wrapping it all around the balloon. (cover maximum area of balloon and make sure to take off excess glue from yarn while wrapping it).
  6. Leave it overnight to dry
  7. Prick the balloon and let it deflate, and take the balloon out of the ball.

Here you go! My ‘Yarn Balls’ are ready! What about yours?
See! it wasn’t that hard, right? Let me share some ideas to use these yarn/string balls in home decor.

8fda771347d3b2f21aa4b0f3d6e20928--diy-mobile-hanging-mobileYarn Ball Hangings:

Just attach some strings of different sizes and hang them together to the corner of your room, beside your door or place led candles in them and hang them in the mid of your room.


Yarn Balls Wreathe:

You can gather and attach all of the yarn balls in circle, add embellishments and make pretty wreathes to place them on your side tables or to hang them on your doors.


Yarn Balls Centerpiece:

Simply gather all of your yarn balls in a platter, bowl or just on top of your table. Add led lights if you like and there you go.

I hope you like the ideas I’ve shared with you, like, comment, subscribe and share. Do share pictures of your ideas at my Instagram and Facebook page.

Have Fun 🙂


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