Happy “No Dry Skin Days”: Ultra Healing


Dry skin is one of the skin advantage as well as disadvantage I’ve. The only advantage I  think I have is that there is “NO ENTRY” for acne. But I get even more irritated by those flaky, dry patches across cheeks and other areas. I wasn’t feeling hydrated even after moisturizing my skin. Well! you know what possibly can be more annoying than spending money on all those expensive moisturizers and not getting satisfactory results. In this quest of good moisturizers I was aware of what I need but I wasn’t sure where I can find all those miraculous ingredients in one combo. I needed, actually we all with dry skin need vitamin A (for balancing oil) or Vitamin E (for nourishing and softening)as active ingredient, it’s good to find both of these in one sack (bottle :P) but if you can’t, even one of these are enough in your moisturizer. After trying all of different brands recently, I am really satisfied with Jergens Ultra Healing; it repairs, heals and deeply nourishes extra dry skin to make your skin appear healthy, i found it this way, it worked for me so not necessarily it will work for all of you the same way, results vary depending on skin conditions as well but it works for most of us out there . I used it because i got very dry skin, flaky patches appeared on my face every now and then, i was afraid of the bad consequences of dry skin i.e. fine lines. As this moisturizer says Ultra healing and it’s something i needed badly so i just grabbed it but the good thing was it actually worked. Let me give you a bit deep intro of it, it has vitamin E, It’s good for softening and nourishment (moistening), Vitamin C helps in brightening,  limiting UV damage and toning the skin, and vitamin B5 has the healing ability. So it works like a life savior isn’t it? Well hydrated, Healed and illuminated skin, we can ask for no more in one product, what do you say? I know, most of you might be thinking that how can I tell what your skin needs. Well! to answer that, I am your very personal Certified Personal Beauty Expert, I know because I’ve studied it, very thoroughly. So I recommend this product to all of you dry skinned people, if it works, Great! and if, unfortunately, some of you don’t get satisfied, it’s completely OK! this is not so expensive. And this is also one of the reasons I like this one the most, I talk about the things I personally use and my experience. So let’s add this moisture in our skin care routine and Have a Happy “No Dry Skin” Days. Do let me know about your experience with it and if you like it and keep following for more about skin care 🙂


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