Mango Talk! Day#1

When life gives you lemons, throw them back and say, “I said I wanted a Mango!” I mean, of course who wants lemon when it’s the season of the king of fruits, MANGO! Though I’m not a summer person because I live in a place where it’s literally like I am not on earth but mercury, my taste buds always make me wish for summers to land my planet sooner, because I am in True Love with them, my and mangoes’ love is like the purest of its kind. And may be they’re everyone’s favorite and if there is someone alien out there who doesn’t love them, Oh dear, I am sorry to say but you need a thorough checkup. Just Kidin’ . Anyhoo! Mangoes are not just yummiest and juicy but they’re enriched with a lot of benefits

as well, but I am not going to spill it all to you right away, They will come to you with turtle’s speed, you gotta tag along for 5 days to get whatever is in there for you in these luscious and juicy pals. Okay! I am gonna tell you just one of the many secrets of mango today, and you know what’s that? It can help you stay young, wrinkle-free for a bit longer, of course it’s no fountain of youth and everybody is going to age at some point and time but they can help you age with beauty and elegance.

Mangoes are enriched with beauty vitamins, But for today, it’s only Vitamin A i’m gonna talk about. 

Vitamin A is also known as one of the miraculous ingredient for your skin’s beauty. How so? Because, We all want to have a normal skin right? None of us is so fond of oily skin or dry skin. We all wish to have normal skin. Vitamin A balances our body’s oil. Just for FYI (For your information) dehydrated (lacking water) and dry skin (lacking oil) are two different things. So when oil is balanced, we’re not going to complain any more about acne or dry skin patches. It also helps reducing pigmentation and for eradication of pre-cancerous skin lesions, rosacea, mature skin, etc. After telling all of these benefits it brings, I’ll say no more today but only this, Eating mango makes you healthy and beautiful, isn’t it wonderful? 🙂 Yes? So, make sure to have one mango everyday, at least this summer try to take care of your own self and do effort for your own health and beauty. As we desi women don’t do that quite often, but we should at least prioritize our self for once.  I know we’re too busy sorting out other’s shit that we forget to handle our own. But this time do it and do it for your own sake.

Note: Complete Vitamin A blog will be up soon, Sign-up and don’t miss it.


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