Mango Talk: Day#2

“Keep Calm and Eat Aam”. Mango a.k.a Aam, a fruit so juicy and scrumptious that I can’t keep my hands away from it, it’s like we share such a strong bond that whenever there is mango, there is definitely me. I ate mangoes to satisfy my taste bud craving its juiciest pulp but now when I know that its in my good interest to eat them, I’ve increased my consumption with 2x. You know it’s rich with vitamins 

and our body needs them badly. So, in these 3 to 4 months of luscious mango-ey summer eat them, eat them like there is no tomorrow, eat them like you mean it. By the way, don’t eat them soo much, ignore the previous statement, because no matter how delicious they’re, anything in excess is unhealthy, and eating them in excess will put on some weight on you and also because too much mangoes will leave no room for other healthy food. So, what you should do is, eat them like decent humans, hehe. Add them in your salads, desserts, shakes and smoothies. Mangoes contain about 100% of vitamin C and vitamin C is important if you’re someone who remains exposed to sunlight as sun’s heat burn it. For your skin tone and complexion increase the dose of vitamin C but through enriched fruits rather than pills and supplements. How to decide when and how to add them in your everyday’s meal is the question. So, for that you need to keep reading the series, because in these next three days, I am going to talk about the desserts, smoothies, and everything possible to add your mangoes in. And recipes will be provided on demand. In my Foodie Fair’s recipe section. Until then have a juiciest day. 


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