My Hand and Foot Care Regime.

I have been so weird person when it comes to beauty, I mean, when someone say beauty, the first thing that pops in our mind is face, complexion, features and all. But I never bothered to take care of my flawless facial skin and kept all my focus towards hands and feet. The picture you’re looking at the very top of this blog are some of the products that are always at my side table and I recommend them too. Because I found nothing soo promising when it comes to cracked heels, hand care or cuticles. But they work pretty well. At least for me and my mother. Summer has Disastrous effect on some of our skins as most of it is exposed in this hot season. So just like winters I also try to take good care of my hands and feet in summer.

Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream for soft and supple feet in 7 days with Fenugreek, Honey and Turmeric is a miraculous product. My mother has damn cracked heels and it actually worked on her heels quite well, she have been using it off and on for like 3 months, twice or thrice a week and her heels actually softened by this. Well not in exact 7 days you get the softest heels but you can see difference within 7 days. To give you more of a description about its actives, Turmeric helps to relief the heels, Honey helps in softening and Fenugreek helps smoothen rough heels.

Jergens Hand And Cuticle Cream is something I found really good for hands, especially for those weird and painful cuticles. It contains Monoï oil and Vitamin E. Vitamin E is best for softening hands. I just started using this cream and it started showing results already.

You can buy it by clicking the link below.

Jergen Hand and Cuticle Cream

Glysolid Hand Gel is another non-greasy and fast absorbant hand care product I’ve used and my mother who hate these skin care products because they’re often greasy, loves this one. Presence of glycerine and panthenol makes it effective, and if you’re someone with dry skin then this definitely is for you to keep around. Give these products a try and I hope they will work as wonderfully as they worked for me. You guys, don’t be neglectant about your hands and feet, they also deserve the care as much as your face deserves.

Or you can use another best product available at

Glysolid Glycerine Body Cream

Her Dupatta Swag


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