Mango Talk: Day#3 (Shakes and Smoothies)


I love mangoes in any form and shape, cubes, slices, smoothies, juices, ice creams or shakes. And the best thing about them is, they make everything taste sooo delicious no matter what we make out of them. I am a kind whose liquid intake is always high, I love juices, drinks and stuff. And as I have previously discussed benefits of mangoes in Day#1 and Day#2 of our mango talk, how they open for us Gate towards better health and beauty, I really prefer myself increasing my mango consumption but for the sake of mango love, DON’T JUDGE, hehe. I add them in my smoothies, shakes and juices. Well my favorite kind of smoothie is just mango smoothie or mango-banana smoothie, yeah! you heard it right. Now some of you may be like, “banana and mango? what on earth makes you think it’s a good combination but trust me on this, it is a yummiest combination and healthy one too. Not only does it make smoothies thick and creamy but the protein and vitamins in banana adds-up to the health and beauty benefits of mango. Chilled mango shakes are something I can keep all day along to benefit, but… well, me being a monster when it comes to mangoes isn’t healthy at all and not recommended too. Of course if all of you go mango-eaters like me, this poor but luscious thing will become extinct. So, Eat in a healthy way, and Save mangoes, save them for me 😀

Anyhoo, back to the topic, we kind of know what we can make out of mangoes, Well they say about smoothies and shakes, “you get out, what you put in” though it’s about everything but i’ll specify it to smoothies right now, so the more ripe and yellow, a mango is, the more delicious will be your smoothie, COMMON SENSE, I know. People drink shakes and smoothies in their breakfasts, well I don’t prefer that because you need a lot of other good healthy stuff to get in to your stomach as a fuel before you start your day and these shakes and smoothies will leave no room for proper and solid breakfast.


But juices are cool, you can have them in breakfast along with your toasts or cereals, or with those desi-greasy but still so mouth watering-crispy parathas. And for smoothies you can have them in lunch or may be in breakfast (personally not preferable), especially for those commercial robots who have no time to recharge their energy with food during working hours, this is the easy, yet healthy way to satisfy your hunger. Make them in morning, with some large amount of ice and refrigerate it when in office, to have it as fresh as it’s right from the blender. Or if you’re on a weight gain journey, you can add it in what so ever time of day but not breakfasts, you can rather add them in your morning snacks. Mango-banana smoothie is also one yumm of the source of protein, and better replacement for protein shakes for those who can’t do hard core workout at gym. I got a lot of recipes for shakes, smoothies and juices of mango. If you folks, really want to have them, comment below and I will post them soon in (recipes on demand) section of food fair. Mates! it’s day 3 already, have you even started implementing what you read or still just thinking. Don’t procrastinate, when it comes to health. Start making your days pulpy and juicy, and do give me feedback or other ideas you’ve got. Okay, so I am gonna leave it here for today, will catch-up with you sweet guys in my next mango talk!

Have a Mango Day!


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