Ever dated with Dates?


Every year summer gifts me this sweetest fruit of heaven. I have always been in love with them. They’re one of my teenage’s crush. You know what’s cherry on the top, LOL! cherry on the top of dates? Well, It’s that it also has so many health and beauty benefits. What can be more awesome than something you love the most has all of these wonderful benefits, especially for a person like me, who is too lazy to take care of my health and benefits and Tailor my everyday routine accordingly. Today I am going to share with you 6 super awesome benefits of eating dates. Eager to know them?

1. Skin care and dates

Dates contain various vitamins including vitamin A and C and we know how much these two vitamins are good for our skin. So that means it is one of the sweetest beauty food we have. If you’ve not read my previous post about vitamins then you most probably don’t know the benefits of these vitamins to your skin. Anyhoo, if you’ve the Moxie add them in your diet because they’re too good for your skin, and do act as vitamin supplement. Plus dates also come with anti-aging benefits, and prevent the accumulation of melanin in your body.

2. Reduce that allergic reactions

When I read this, I was so overwhelmed by this information that organic sulfur present in dates reduces allergic reactions.

3. Make your bones healthy

You know dates are rich in selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, and you really need these to improve your bone’s health. It can reduce risks of osteoporosis to some extent.

4. Defeat Iron deficiency

If you’re one of those having iron deficiency then dates are highly recommended for you. Plus it also helps purify your blood.

5. Want to improve your digestion?

If you soak few dates in water and eat them daily then it will make your digestive system behave appropriately. If you or someone around you have trouble with constipation then it’s highly recommended for you.

6. Gain some weight with dates

Being underweight is as much of a problem as being obese. You can put on some pounds by adding it in your daily snack routine, take few dates and mix them with cucumber chunks, eat it on daily basis. Add date’s milkshake in your breakfast meal. And enjoy your sweetest journey towards weight gain.

I wonder how can anybody avoid dating with dates after knowing these awesome benefits it have. I am gonna keep eating them. What about you people? Comment below uses of dates that you know. Share your experiences.

Note: Everything I write is based on my own personal experience, studies, and experience of my ultimate family members.


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