National Lipstick Day: 2k17

Happy National Lipstick Day ladies of US, though for us women everyday is lipstick day but still today is the special one, it’s not ours, desi women living outside US’s but who cares? We’re makeup junkies and whenever there is makeup there is us. So, today I am going to talk to you about 3 of my most favorite and handy lipsticks when it comes to hangouts, night events, shopping days out, lunch, or parties. I gifted myself with these three very pigmented yet beautiful textured lip colors by 

Rimmel London UK, I found them most wearable in a lot of occasions.

Let it be hangout with friends, shopping days out, or just a casual lunch, Rimmel – Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick#008 is one of the nude shades that I keep with my self, it’s one of my favorite most nude shade from rimmel.

NOTE: I’ll be sharing buying links at the end, so don’t stop reading 🙂

I was so nude-shades-lip-colors-all-the-way kind of person and so I kept avoiding red and brown shades when it came to lip colors but when I found this another very elegant yet trendy color, Rimmel- Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick#111 (Kiss Of Life) a shade of red that’s not too dark to look like a maroonish or brown and not soo reddish but so elegantly red to wear on parties, dinners and night events, and i wore it with a confidence because it doesn’t gives that joker-ish lips kind of look that may make me feel embarrassed and make me think that may be I over did my makeup .

Well, I don’t know what to say about this last one I am going to talk about, it’s super hot and beautiful color called Rimmel – The Only 1 Matte 750 (WHO’S TALKING). When I bought this color I was afraid that it might look too bold on me as I never wear dark or any bold kind of shades but Trust me yaar! It was such a fab shade that I fell in love with it right when I wore it. Now I wear it in night parties and other events when I am too lazy to do my makeover I just apply foundation, eye-liner, blush-on and this lip color and I’m all set to attend any luscious event without any worry.

So these were three fantabulous lip colors by Rimmel London UK that I loved the most. What are yours? Comment below your fav lip colors or post it on Instagram @herdupattaswag or my Facebook page @herdupattaswag.desilifestyle with a #Herdupattaswagfavlippie

Here are the links to buy these products on very perfect rates, and they’re also helpful if you’re too lazy to go out and buy them. For looking how the color looks like, you can Click on Rimmel London’s Try It On feature

and test your fav shade on the model they’ve provided.

*So if you’re a resident of UAE you can buy these products by clicking below:

BUY Rimmel- Kate Lasting Finish#008

BUY Rimmel Kate- Lasting Finish #111

or if you’re Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Resident then you can click on these links:

BUY Rimmel-Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick#111

BUY Rimmel-Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick#008

*Sorry I’m not able to provide you the link of The Only 1 Matte-750(Who’s Talking) link.*



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