There’s something about thick, shiny, healthy and pretty-textured hair. We simply can’t compromise on any of these. Talking about myself, I got pretty long hair, you know the length many people idealize, and so badly wanna have. Yes, exactly that one (raises her fists in the air, YAAS) I got the knee-length hair and it may sound self-appraising to you but no, you know what matters actually? It’s not the length, well may be in some cases it does matter but for me what actually matters is the texture of hair, I mean who’s gonna love those dry and dull ‘Ghaaass’ kind of hair even if they’re oh-so-beautifully long? The real beauty of hair is its texture, how lively and lustrous they’re, not the length. So, I thought why not share with you guys a treatment I’ve been following and my ancestors and their ancestors followed since ages to keep their hair healthy, strong and beautiful. Many of you must be aware of the formula I’m about to share and many of you might not or may have forgotten and need a reminder! So, 

what we need to do is treat our hair well, take good care of them like we do of our skin, face and other things, and one of the most important thing for the life of your hair is that you should apply hair oil! yes! HAIR OIL! Well, I am not going to talk about hair oil too much but “A PROTEIN TREATMENT” though oiling is so important and beneficial as is moisturizing our skin and fueling our body by food, oil acts as our hair’s food, fuel and moisturizer. Anyhoo! coming back towards protein treatment, not every time I realize that my hair are looking dull or lifeless, I rush into nearest saloon for protein treatment, Actually I don’t go to any saloon for protein treatment at all. You know why? Because if I can’t care about my things how would someone else? If you’re too lazy to take care of your hair, if you can’t do it, nobody can. You are the one who can take better care of your hair than anyone else. So, what I feel is that it should be done by me as my hair belong to me and I know their importance. Well, for treating my hair texture, what I do is listed below with all the ingredients and steps, and you can do this too on any Casual day, or a day off! So, let me disclose this well known secret to you guys 🙂

In one cup/250 grams/small pack of plain yoghurt  I add one whole egg and mix it well then I pour one tablespoon of Olive/Mustard oil, (you can add any oil you’re not allergic to, I mostly add mustard oil because it gives me satisfactory results) and then mix!mix!mix! I spread a plastic wrap on my shoulders so that it won’t drop off and make my clothes dirty and start applying this mixture on my roots by parting them with my fingers and then applying the mixture on. I don’t only apply it on roots but on hair too, especially the split ends. And then I make a bun of my hair and wrap that plastic sheet I had on my shoulder around my hair to avoid dropping. What else precautions I take is I tuck tissue around my shirt’s neck. i Leave the mixture on my hair for good  25 minutes, Take a shower with moderately cold water (so that you don’t have to hold your breathe 😉 and VOILA! I see the change, soft and shiny hair right after first attempt!

If you really wanna treat your hair, try this! you won’t be disappointed. For some of you it may seem gross but as you all know there is no gain without some stinky stain 🙂

Do try this and let me know your experience! (P.S: it helps to reduce hair fall too) Enoughhhh of it for today! BYE BYE! GOOD BYE!!!!


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