Fri-Yay: My Friday Ritual


It’s Friday and the only decision you need to make is how to make it productive.  Well! Every person has their own way to spend Friday but let me tell you my musts on this day as Friday is a HOLY day, when even all of those our Muslim brothers who don’t pray regularly pray the Namaz in their Nearest Masjids.  I don’t know about your homes but on Fridays, there is earth quake kind of emergency alert in our home.  And whatever you wanna do, you just gotta serve yourself no matter how. My Friday morning starts with my mother  yelling, shouting,  aggressive voices forcefully entering my ears, “Uthhh Jaoo” (Wake-up), “Raat puri Internet laga kar baithay rehtay hain or subha mujhse shor machwaatain hain” (you spend whole night using internet and make me shout my throat out to wake you up in the morning).

And then I and my other ‘innocent’ siblings get off our beds, one by one, each time with those taunting and yelling by our beloved mother. Okay! Enough of my mother’s morning scolding ritual, let’s get back to what I do on Friday including some religious rituals.

After I wake up, I make wudhu, pray 2 Raka’a nafal, Thank Allah for another great day and just stick my head into kitchen (if my mother and sister don’t accept my buttery excuses previous night, to not cook)and my mother is like all ninja, making breakfast, running  to bedroom to give my father clothes, wake my brothers up, giving towel to someone trapped in washroom, serve breakfast, eat it with them, rush back into kitchen and all, it’s like her one step remains in kitchen and the other rushing around every corner of home.  Okay back to me again, I don’t know why I get back to my mother when this article is about me, Okay! Okay! So, I cook Biryani by the time my father along with brothers get back to home from masjid, it’s all served and ready for us to dig in!

I try to do it quick enough to steal some time to take a shower before their feet hit the porch, then after lunch, which is BIRYANI (you can read about out biryani ritual here) all the time when it’s Friday. Clip my nails, wear good and clean clothes and After Namaz, I try to recite at least first 10 verses of Surah Al-Kahf,  though Sunnah is to recite whole Surah but sometimes I only get enough time before Asr prayer to recite only 10 verses, (my bad time management thou).

Then I get back to my bed that’s been lonely while I was too busy to give it even a glance of love and check my instagram, post a Friday blogpost, post a blogpost alert on social media sites (facebook and instagram) and just scroll, scroll, scroll.

After Maghrib prayer we go out to the beach or mall or just some Hyper market where I wander like a marlin (remember the episode of “Penguins of Madagascar” where she went out of the zoo with penguins? LOOL my mother named me her after watching that episode) or if it’s beach then me and my sister, stand by the boundary wall and look at the peaceful Arabian Sea spread in front of us. While heading back to home I grab a strawberry Slush, contribute in my snap chat stories, after reaching home, get fresh, upload those stories, serve the dinner, eat and lie down on my comfy bed with phone in my hand and laptop beside me for another long night 😉 .

So, YEEAAAHHH!!!! This is how I spend my Fridays. How do you spend your Fridays? What are your Friday rituals? Don’t hesitate! Comment below! It’s Safe! 😛


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