Hi Dearies, Here’s a brief intro of mine and rest, well, for that, follow and stay in touch @ herdupattaswag.

I’m Sahar, I’m 23 years old, extra-ordinarily desi like all of you, Happily Single at least for now :P. Imma no dummy. I am a Business Graduate in Finance and this wasn’t “Mere Maa Baap Ki Khuwahish”, well as all other desi parents they want me to be DOCTOR with that White Coat (Lab Coat) 😛 

How and when I ended up in business studies, God knows, well! Alhamdulillah I possess my very own degree that’s my “Mehnat ka Phal” (Fruit of Hardship) 🙂
Other than that I am obsessed with Collecting Certificates so i did that as “Mere Khud ki Khuwahish” (My own wish), I am an Internationally Certified Advanced Personal Beauty Expert, Weight Loss Trainer, Digital Video Maker, and yet a lot to add 😛
Anyhoo! enough of my Taaaruff (Intro).. This was my basic intro and if you are really willing to know more, no problemmo! You’ll know me if you’ll stay here. So, click Follow Button & Subscribe. You can also Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat & Google+. Turn on Notifications and remain updated. Simple as that.

Fasten your seat belt Folks! We’re taking off for a zesty desi planet. Our journey to desi lifestyle is about to begin!
Have a Happy Stay and do Show Love, ♥



Sahar a.k.a Desi Woman

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