Meetha Paratha

As lots of Desi families, parathas have been in our breakfast ritual too. There are so many types and flavors of parathas as you all know (if you belong to brown family) but everyone’s choice varies when it comes to the filling of these crispy parathas, So does mine. Despite of my eternal love for ‘Aalu ka Paratha’, Meetha Paratha has its roots in my life since I was a kid. Every other day Mama made this for us in breakfasts or sometimes if we’ve insisted enough then in evening snacks too. I was a complete desi bacha, though there were always, french fries, spring rolls, cakes and kind of stuff served on our table but when it came to ‘Meetha Paratha’ i compromised every other thing. Well, not now, I am talking about my Childhood’s era. But yeah, i still like them a lot. Yesterday I made these crispy and tempting parathas due to my sweet tooth. And i thought i should share this with you people. I don’t know about the recipes out there, or if there is any recipe of this yummy treat and I can not even bother to Google this one because I am happy with my mother’s recipe. Let me share with you the very homely recipe of Meetha Paratha.

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Fri-Yay: My Friday Ritual


It’s Friday and the only decision you need to make is how to make it productive.  Well! Every person has their own way to spend Friday but let me tell you my musts on this day as Friday is a HOLY day, when even all of those our Muslim brothers who don’t pray regularly pray the Namaz in their Nearest Masjids.  I don’t know about your homes but on Fridays, there is earth quake kind of emergency alert in our home.  And whatever you wanna do, you just gotta serve yourself no matter how. My Friday morning starts with my mother  yelling, shouting,  aggressive voices forcefully entering my ears, “Uthhh Jaoo” (Wake-up), “Raat puri Internet laga kar baithay rehtay hain or subha mujhse shor machwaatain hain” (you spend whole night using internet and make me shout my throat out to wake you up in the morning).

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Biryani: Our Friday Ritual

Biryani has a great influence in our Friday rituals since I opened my eyes in this world. Every Friday, like a lot of other Pakistani Desi mothers, My Mother also sets to cook biryani as a compulsion. It’s like, it is not Friday if there is no Biryani. As I was born in KSA ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and here, Friday is what we call our weekend, our weekly holiday and it has also been my father’s only WHOLE day at home, so, My mother just like a good wife knows that the path to my father’s heart is through his stomach and his stomach is addicted to friday Biryanis since forever. So, there is no leave for us (women) on weekends or holidays in typical desi families. What our mothers do and teach us to do as well is, on friday, when everyone else is enjoying their friday SUPER LOOONG sleeps ( that we can only envy), after your daily religious ritual (wudhu, 2 raka’a of nafal and some azkaar) she steps inside the kitchen. From there on she makes breakfast, washes dishes, help my family’s men get ready to go for Jummuah Prayers and then the Weekly Biryani Tradition starts with all the aroma of fried onion, garlic, spices and all that Tarka(frying), Bhunna (roasting) and Dum. And this rich, delicious and spicy rice and chicken’s dish is ready by the time, The Males of Home get back to home and then they’re served the lunch, that is, this so very tempting BIRYANI (believe me, I’m drooling even with the thought of it). And this biryani ritual goes on and on. This was about my Friday, what’s your Friday’s lunch ritual. Share with me by commenting below.


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