What’s Inside My Handbag? With Parivash Baloch

Hello folks, I just can’t believe this, it’s already 5th week and so today is the day for our 5th post of the all girly series. Handbags have always been women’s partner no matter which century it was. So they’re an important part of our lives since ages. Today the blogger I am about to feature in this blog is also a woman just like us, who can’t leave home without her handbag. And that gorgeous blogger is Parivash Baloch.

Parivash is a university student, who lived precious years of her life in Karachi, Pakistan. She is a passionate blogger and deeply in love with makeup. We all can relate to this right? Because, come on, who doesn’t love make-up?

Now, come on, Who is curious to jump in her hand bag to find out what’s inside there? Well, I am. So let’s dig in!

She carries very few things in her handbag, as she likes minimal things because she doesn’t like those huge baby bags kinda handbags in which even you can fit in 😊 and other reason is that you literally have to jump in your bag to find even single thing 🙄 and i would definitely agree with her. I mean who would like to spend 15 minutes just to find her lip color?

Anyhoo, let’s not drag it and look what she carries inside her bag.

Here, I can find some go to make-up products which can be used for touch-ups or those unplanned hangouts with yhe friends. There is also a hand sanitizer to get rid of those monstrous germs whenever she wants to eat of course. That’s literally one hell of go to product to carry with you Parivash!

Oh-kayyy! What else can I find here, ummm! Yeah!! So here is this perfume and of course wallet, who wants to leave the home without it, unless your friends are forcing you to give them treat at some cafe 😉 and here is one tin box. Let me see what’s inside. Woah Gurl! That’s soo brilliant minded of you. 

This box is really handy and helps you have your privacy for all the feminine stuff, in case some, the males around you are nosey enough to look into your bag, you’re safe then.

That was it, again, precise, perfectly organized and some really brainy idea to save your self from embarrassment.

You know what Parivash? I loved the way you keep your bag organized and precise. And I am sure who ever will be reading this would love it too. ❤❤

 Thanks, Sahar. 😊 That’s so generous of you! ❤

Guys, you can check Parivash’s blog out at her instagram and show love.

Okay Folks! Time to say goodbye, but will get back to you next week with other wonderful feature. Till then… Byeee!!!!


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Khas Summer Sale: up to 81% off


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Have a sneak peak of their stuff:

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So folks! that’s it! agree or not this is something crazy happening inside your nearby stores and you really don’t wanna miss it. Soooooo, Just Rushhh In!!!!!!