What’s Inside my Handbag? With Hunaina Rasool

Hola Folks! Are you excited to read the very third episode of this series. Guess who is going to be featured in this post? Title disclosed it already, DUHH!! So let’s not drag this any longer and have a one-to-one question and answer (Interview) with Hunaina Rasool. And of course during this interview we will manage to sneak inside her handbag. Are you excited? Because I am. Continue reading “What’s Inside my Handbag? With Hunaina Rasool”


What’s Inside my Handbag? with Sainab

Hi beauties! Here I am with my second, pretty girly, post of the series. And this series would be incomplete without featuring this gorgeous lady from Step Inside My Handbag . So ladies, without dragging it like a chewing gum, let’s headover this conversation to this pretty lady…. Continue reading “What’s Inside my Handbag? with Sainab”

What’s Inside my Handbag? with Hira Khalid

Hellooo pretty ladies, hellooo to the brightest nation. Well, I hope I don’t need to introduce myself but if you don’t know me I am Sahar, a girl with a dupatta who’s got swag 😉 and for rest just go and see “about me”. If you’re following me on social media (insta: herdupattaswag or fb: herdupattaswag.desilifestyle) then most probably you already know about this series. But if you’re not following, then… You’re missing out on some really cool stuff guys(Go FOLLOW NOW). Anyho, let’s get started with our first supersome blog post disclosing the secrets of our very own  Continue reading “What’s Inside my Handbag? with Hira Khalid”

Khas Summer Sale: up to 81% off


You know what’s so Khaas about KHAS? that for them we are so khaas. They’re offering up to 81% off on their almost entire summer stock. Don’t trust me? Go and check it out. Stop by any Khas store near by and enjoy up to 81% sale. I am going crazy about this, like, for real. Have you seen their collection yet? They got a huge collection of unstitched as well as stitched dresses. Let it be lawn, cambric, linen or chiffon, they got everything, you just name it and they’ll have it. I am actually drooling over their soo beautiful prints. Well the sale is not limited to women collection only, it’s for men collection too, and PEOPLE, GUESS WHAT, on top of all this, the offer includes their bedding, what to say about that now? THAT’S JUST SO PERFECT. (I can add gold to my wardrobe as well as bedroom visiting just one store? HAH). Their bedding prints, yaar, like seriously, A person like me who doesn’t only love buying clothes but loves beautifying my home too, this is a sale to get my hands on. They got everything, Home accessories, women or men accessories, men and women’s cloth collection and bedding. Too beautiful to be true, AND THIS IS TRUE, WHY BE LAZY THEN? now for you to experience this wonderful sale, you gotta pick yourself up from that couch or bed that’s making you lazyyyy and stop by nearest khas store or if you’re feeling too lazy to go anywhere, you can check it out at their website Khaas E-Store

Have a sneak peak of their stuff:

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So folks! that’s it! agree or not this is something crazy happening inside your nearby stores and you really don’t wanna miss it. Soooooo, Just Rushhh In!!!!!!