Acne Problem? Read This!

Getting rid of acne is probably the most difficult and agitating thing anyone wishes for. Whenever there is an upcoming occasion , there is those uninvited guests popping up, saying hi to everyone who passes by!(which we don’t appreciate at all!) and it’s totally mean to show up on someone’s face (Without their consent), every time when some thing special is about to happen. So, for those stubborn acne problems you got, here is a solution I bring to you, just follow the instructions and HOLA! less acne you’ll see, if you really wanna know the solution 

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Khas Summer Sale: up to 81% off


You know what’s so Khaas about KHAS? that for them we are so khaas. They’re offering up to 81% off on their almost entire summer stock. Don’t trust me? Go and check it out. Stop by any Khas store near by and enjoy up to 81% sale. I am going crazy about this, like, for real. Have you seen their collection yet? They got a huge collection of unstitched as well as stitched dresses. Let it be lawn, cambric, linen or chiffon, they got everything, you just name it and they’ll have it. I am actually drooling over their soo beautiful prints. Well the sale is not limited to women collection only, it’s for men collection too, and PEOPLE, GUESS WHAT, on top of all this, the offer includes their bedding, what to say about that now? THAT’S JUST SO PERFECT. (I can add gold to my wardrobe as well as bedroom visiting just one store? HAH). Their bedding prints, yaar, like seriously, A person like me who doesn’t only love buying clothes but loves beautifying my home too, this is a sale to get my hands on. They got everything, Home accessories, women or men accessories, men and women’s cloth collection and bedding. Too beautiful to be true, AND THIS IS TRUE, WHY BE LAZY THEN? now for you to experience this wonderful sale, you gotta pick yourself up from that couch or bed that’s making you lazyyyy and stop by nearest khas store or if you’re feeling too lazy to go anywhere, you can check it out at their website Khaas E-Store

Have a sneak peak of their stuff:

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So folks! that’s it! agree or not this is something crazy happening inside your nearby stores and you really don’t wanna miss it. Soooooo, Just Rushhh In!!!!!!



National Lipstick Day: 2k17

Happy National Lipstick Day ladies of US, though for us women everyday is lipstick day but still today is the special one, it’s not ours, desi women living outside US’s but who cares? We’re makeup junkies and whenever there is makeup there is us. So, today I am going to talk to you about 3 of my most favorite and handy lipsticks when it comes to hangouts, night events, shopping days out, lunch, or parties. I gifted myself with these three very pigmented yet beautiful textured lip colors by 

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Biryani: Our Friday Ritual

Biryani has a great influence in our Friday rituals since I opened my eyes in this world. Every Friday, like a lot of other Pakistani Desi mothers, My Mother also sets to cook biryani as a compulsion. It’s like, it is not Friday if there is no Biryani. As I was born in KSA ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and here, Friday is what we call our weekend, our weekly holiday and it has also been my father’s only WHOLE day at home, so, My mother just like a good wife knows that the path to my father’s heart is through his stomach and his stomach is addicted to friday Biryanis since forever. So, there is no leave for us (women) on weekends or holidays in typical desi families. What our mothers do and teach us to do as well is, on friday, when everyone else is enjoying their friday SUPER LOOONG sleeps ( that we can only envy), after your daily religious ritual (wudhu, 2 raka’a of nafal and some azkaar) she steps inside the kitchen. From there on she makes breakfast, washes dishes, help my family’s men get ready to go for Jummuah Prayers and then the Weekly Biryani Tradition starts with all the aroma of fried onion, garlic, spices and all that Tarka(frying), Bhunna (roasting) and Dum. And this rich, delicious and spicy rice and chicken’s dish is ready by the time, The Males of Home get back to home and then they’re served the lunch, that is, this so very tempting BIRYANI (believe me, I’m drooling even with the thought of it). And this biryani ritual goes on and on. This was about my Friday, what’s your Friday’s lunch ritual. Share with me by commenting below.


Her Dupatta Swag

Ever dated with Dates?


Every year summer gifts me this sweetest fruit of heaven. I have always been in love with them. They’re one of my teenage’s crush. You know what’s cherry on the top, LOL! cherry on the top of dates? Well, It’s that it also has so many health and beauty benefits. What can be more awesome than something you love the most has all of these wonderful benefits, especially for a person like me, who is too lazy to take care of my health and benefits and Tailor my everyday routine accordingly. Today I am going to share with you 6 super awesome benefits of eating dates. Eager to know them? Continue reading “Ever dated with Dates?”

Mango Talk: Day#3 (Shakes and Smoothies)


I love mangoes in any form and shape, cubes, slices, smoothies, juices, ice creams or shakes. And the best thing about them is, they make everything taste sooo delicious no matter what we make out of them. I am a kind whose liquid intake is always high, I love juices, drinks and stuff. And as I have previously discussed benefits of mangoes in Day#1 and Day#2 of our mango talk, how they open for us Gate towards better health and beauty, I really prefer myself increasing my mango consumption but for the sake of mango love, DON’T JUDGE, hehe. I add them in my smoothies, shakes and juices. Well my favorite kind of smoothie Continue reading “Mango Talk: Day#3 (Shakes and Smoothies)”

My Hand and Foot Care Regime.

I have been so weird person when it comes to beauty, I mean, when someone say beauty, the first thing that pops in our mind is face, complexion, features and all. But I never bothered to take care of my flawless facial skin and kept all my focus towards hands and feet. The picture you’re looking at the very top of this blog are some of the products that are always at my side table and I recommend them too. Because I found nothing soo promising when it comes to cracked heels, hand care or cuticles. But they work Continue reading “My Hand and Foot Care Regime.”

Mango Talk: Day#2

“Keep Calm and Eat Aam”. Mango a.k.a Aam, a fruit so juicy and scrumptious that I can’t keep my hands away from it, it’s like we share such a strong bond that whenever there is mango, there is definitely me. I ate mangoes to satisfy my taste bud craving its juiciest pulp but now when I know that its in my good interest to eat them, I’ve increased my consumption with 2x. You know it’s rich with vitamins 

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My E-shopping Tale: Makeup Review


I am a moderate shopping freak just like any of you, but when it comes to online shopping I usually hesitate because I really don’t want to waste my money on something not worth buying. I’ve been afraid of online shopping since so long, there have been times when I cancelled my already shipped order before they reached me, right away (too bad, i know). Online shopping was one hell of a task for me and I failed to achieve it every time. You know, it’s difficult to trust especially when it comes to virtual stuff, to input your credit card’s info. and I really don’t suggest putting your credit card’s info at every other site but only the trusted ones. I came out of my shell one year back and started shopping online on few sites and my experience with them have been quite well. Let me  tell you about one of the best e-shopping site I personally experienced Continue reading “My E-shopping Tale: Makeup Review”

Mango Talk! Day#1

When life gives you lemons, throw them back and say, “I said I wanted a Mango!” I mean, of course who wants lemon when it’s the season of the king of fruits, MANGO! Though I’m not a summer person because I live in a place where it’s literally like I am not on earth but mercury, my taste buds always make me wish for summers to land my planet sooner, because I am in True Love with them, my and mangoes’ love is like the purest of its kind. And may be they’re everyone’s favorite and if there is someone alien out there who doesn’t love them, Oh dear, I am sorry to say but you need a thorough checkup. Just Kidin’ . Anyhoo! Mangoes are not just yummiest and juicy but they’re enriched with a lot of benefits

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