My Hand and Foot Care Regime.

I have been so weird person when it comes to beauty, I mean, when someone say beauty, the first thing that pops in our mind is face, complexion, features and all. But I never bothered to take care of my flawless facial skin and kept all my focus towards hands and feet. The picture you’re looking at the very top of this blog are some of the products that are always at my side table and I recommend them too. Because I found nothing soo promising when it comes to cracked heels, hand care or cuticles. But they work Continue reading “My Hand and Foot Care Regime.”

Mango Talk: Day#2

“Keep Calm and Eat Aam”. Mango a.k.a Aam, a fruit so juicy and scrumptious that I can’t keep my hands away from it, it’s like we share such a strong bond that whenever there is mango, there is definitely me. I ate mangoes to satisfy my taste bud craving its juiciest pulp but now when I know that its in my good interest to eat them, I’ve increased my consumption with 2x. You know it’s rich with vitamins 

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My E-shopping Tale: Makeup Review


I am a moderate shopping freak just like any of you, but when it comes to online shopping I usually hesitate because I really don’t want to waste my money on something not worth buying. I’ve been afraid of online shopping since so long, there have been times when I cancelled my already shipped order before they reached me, right away (too bad, i know). Online shopping was one hell of a task for me and I failed to achieve it every time. You know, it’s difficult to trust especially when it comes to virtual stuff, to input your credit card’s info. and I really don’t suggest putting your credit card’s info at every other site but only the trusted ones. I came out of my shell one year back and started shopping online on few sites and my experience with them have been quite well. Let me  tell you about one of the best e-shopping site I personally experienced Continue reading “My E-shopping Tale: Makeup Review”

Mango Talk! Day#1

When life gives you lemons, throw them back and say, “I said I wanted a Mango!” I mean, of course who wants lemon when it’s the season of the king of fruits, MANGO! Though I’m not a summer person because I live in a place where it’s literally like I am not on earth but mercury, my taste buds always make me wish for summers to land my planet sooner, because I am in True Love with them, my and mangoes’ love is like the purest of its kind. And may be they’re everyone’s favorite and if there is someone alien out there who doesn’t love them, Oh dear, I am sorry to say but you need a thorough checkup. Just Kidin’ . Anyhoo! Mangoes are not just yummiest and juicy but they’re enriched with a lot of benefits

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Happy “No Dry Skin Days”: Ultra Healing


Dry skin is one of the skin advantage as well as disadvantage I’ve. The only advantage I  think I have is that there is “NO ENTRY” for acne. But I get even more irritated by those flaky, dry patches across cheeks and other areas. I wasn’t feeling hydrated even after moisturizing my skin. Well! you know what possibly can be more annoying than spending money on all those expensive moisturizers and not getting satisfactory results. In this quest of good moisturizers I was aware of what I need but I wasn’t sure where I can find all those miraculous ingredients in one combo. I needed, actually we all with dry skin need Continue reading “Happy “No Dry Skin Days”: Ultra Healing”

5 minute Challenge: Smokey Eyes.


Hello Beauties, I ain’t make-up artist like Lisa, Mario, Natasha, Nabila or Huda, but I am more like all of you sitting there at their homes, wishing to get some new look for any upcoming event but not willing to pay those beauty parlor’s bill. If you really wanna look different but are lazy to do those lots and lots of make up coatings and that blending, blending, blending. Well this one is for you then, I did a 5 minute with 5 tiny steps smokey eye makeup challenge using Rimmel London, Urban Decay and Anastasia Beverly Hills’s products as main. Wanna See? Continue reading “5 minute Challenge: Smokey Eyes.”

Yarn Balls.

Yarn balls or string balls, they’ve become home decor essentials since forever. They are available here there everywhere, from your side table to wall hanging you can see them all around. They are just simple and beautiful. But if you’re willing to go and buy them from any shop, it can cost you pretty much depending on piece you’re about to buy. Well! here is a deal, what about making them by yourself in just few bucks? Here are the instructions to make these simplest but ridiculously trendy yarn balls.

Are you Ready?

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12 Must Follow Skin Rules


Hello beauties,

As a personal beauty expert I’m here to help you with your skin issues but before that let me introduce to you 12 must follow skin rule. If you’re someone who is trying hard to take good care of your skin these rules are definitely to help guide you.

Let’s Begin!


1. Say final good bye to smoking.
2. Always wear SPF every single day, without exception.
3. Never go for any product unless you’ve analyzed your skin or skin type by your self or by any beauty experts, Buy products specifically for your; A. Skin type B. Skin conditions

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Wanna Know Me? Read On!

Hi Dearies, Here’s a brief intro of mine and rest, well, for that, follow and stay in touch @ herdupattaswag.

I’m Sahar, I’m 23 years old, extra-ordinarily desi like all of you, Happily Single at least for now :P. Imma no dummy. I am a Business Graduate in Finance and this wasn’t “Mere Maa Baap Ki Khuwahish”, well as all other desi parents they want me to be DOCTOR with that White Coat (Lab Coat) 😛  Continue reading “Wanna Know Me? Read On!”